Costa Rica Family Vacations

There’s nothing like seeing the wonder of Costa Rica through the eyes of a child.

Whether it’s discovering the mysteries of the rain forest, learning to surf for the first time, or building massive sand castles in the children’s program of an all-inclusive beach resort, there’s something here for all types of families, all ages of children, and all types of budgets.

Chile In A Tide Pool, Drake Bay, Costa Rica


I’ve helped Fabrizio gather hermit crabs for family crab racing, and I’ve watched him marvel at the amazing veil of strange mushrooms encountered during a night walk on the Osa Peninsula.

I was right alongside when he caught his first wave.

We’re lucky. We live here and can watch our children grow up experiencing Costa Rica’s many wonders on an almost daily basis.

But we’ve also helped parents and children and grandparents of all ages share the experience of a Costa Rican vacation as a family. Learning and growing together in the process.

Even Young Children Can Experience Canyoning In Costa Rica.


From the beaches to the cloud and rain forests, from active volcanoes to calm ocean bays, from the large all-inclusive resorts to private villas and vacation rentals, to small boutique nature lodges, we’ve traveled Costa Rica extensively with children and can make sure your family vacation fits your and your children’s needs.


Pools Make a Playground in La Fortuna, Costa Rica