Costa Rican Adventure Travel

Costa Rica offers up an almost unlimited bounty of adventure tour opportunities.

Hike to the top of an active volcano. Ride a zip-line through the forest canopy. Rappel down the face of a rushing waterfall. Learn to surf in the warm gentle beach break waves, or test your skill at Salsa Brava, known as “Costa Rica’s Little Pipeline.”



We have extensive knowledge of and personal experience with just about every facet of adventure travel in Costa Rica.

We’ve dived with the hammerhead sharks off Cocos Island and survived Andy Pruter’s Psycho Tour on the Osa Peninsula.

Canopy tours are more abundant in Costa Rica than mushrooms on cowpies during the tropical rainy season. We know which are the fastest, funnest and safest of the bunch.

We’ve rafted, canoed and kayaked on most of the navigable waterways in Costa Rica, and will set you up with a raft and guide just right for you.

And yes, Eliot’s surfed Salsa Brava (just once), and lived to tell the tale.

Isla del Coco Diving Adventure


Whatever your skill and fitness level, we can design a trip or itinerary to meet your needs.

Let us set you up for a sunset horseback ride along the beach, or ATV trek up a rain forest river to a private waterfall for a picnic lunch.

Stand-up paddling is taking off, and we can get you up on the flat waters of Lake Arenal, or cruising through the breakers off of Playa Samara or any number of beaches in Guanacaste.

Many adventure activities can be combined with travel days. So instead of simply sitting in a car or riding in a van, We can arrange for you to take a white water rafting trip as part of getting you from Point A to Point B. This saves you both time and money, breaks up what could be a potentially tiring travel day, and adds excitement and activity into the bargain.

Horseback Riding